Sunday, July 7, 2013

Three Months...

     Amy and I had a movie we loved to watch called "Spirit". Many of Amy's movies I'd get tired of after a while, but this one I could never pull away from. Amy had a horse and I think Mom bought the movie for her. It's about a wild horse that is taken captive by western soldiers for labor, who escapes thanks to a native american and falls in love with his horse. The horse has many trials, but always wants to return to his  home in the wild. So, why is this movie so meaningful? 
    Amy had the soundtrack to the movie and would listen to it sometimes as she went to sleep. After we kissed her goodnight we'd turn off the light and turn on her music. This was the ritual for a long time- like many parents do. I've spent quite some time away from home through the years and have missed the evenings together. When I was home I'd lay with her in her bed and listen to her music with her and sing and talk to her. Oh, how I long for that time again. I have a few of her nightclothes and you can still smell just a hint of her. It's amazing what a smell can conjure in your heart.
     Well, there is this song from Spirit called "I Will Always Return" and I would sing it to her and tell her that no matter where I go, how far or how long, I will always return home to her.... I never imagined she wouldn't be home to return to one day. Every time I pull  up to the house I habitually look for her horse and it's not there either. I knew I needed to listen to the song again and the other day I did- and I burst out in tears.    
       'Cause she's HOME. And I hope she's running like a horse and flying like an eagle and all the cool and awesome things she's always wanted to do but could never tell me about. She is where she belongs. Another song from the CD says, "this place is paradise- it's the place I call home." She's seeing sunsets and rainbows. On July 4th, we witnessed a beautiful, vibrant double rainbow right in front of us- I just imagined Amy asking God, "Oh, can you put a rainbow right here. Right where I'd be if I were there!" 
          I can't "return" to Amy- but one day I will join her and we'll run and fly together! Now I'M "on my way home" because this world is not paradise- just glimpses of it! Three months ago, she slept in her bed for the last time and in the afternoon she "shone like the sun" as she entered heaven- her home.