Wednesday, November 2, 2011

God's Favorites

I just finished reading a post from another blog called The Journey (kissesfromkatie) who is serving the Lord in Africa. She was telling about how each person God has created is looked on as His favorite- those hurting and those who've hurt you. I was reminded of a song I learned when I was young called, "He Loves Me Like I Was His Only Child". I don't even remember all the words, but that song left an impression on me. I was special, His favorite! To look around and see that those around me are His favorites too- hmm, now that's a thought. In our individualistic society it is hard to think that God can love every person with as much passion, forgiveness, and selflessness as we've experienced. But somehow He does, even the ones who will never confess His Name. He made each and every one of us to simply experience His love. And I want to say now that I am sick and tired of these stupid arguments over immigrants who come to America and don't learn our language. Who do we think we are? They are God's favorites too! English is a terrible language to learn and we need to be thanking God that we were born into it so we don't have to struggle like every other country to try to learn an almost impossible language to get a better paying job. And then we turn around and are the ones going to another country and some even have the audacity to not learn the language or culture! I was able to show a friend the evangelistic video today that was made for the Northern Thai people that Greg and others were able to fund, help with, and promote. She was so excited to show her family who is unsaved and friend's in her neighborhood. She was so happy that it was her culture portrayed and in her language. How can missionaries even think that they don't have to learn the heart language of the people or learn about their culture?!! Don't you think they are just as frustrated as we are? Yet we don't hear them complaining. Can we just get off our high horse and look at people the way God sees them? To stop looking at race, physical abilities, or social status! I went though the pictures I've taken so far with the knowledge that every person I see is God's favorite. I'm going to post them, but I urge you to look at those you SEE today- not just the ones you talk to. To see them as one of God's favorite children- whether they are your family members or the Muslim person you see in Wal-Mart. How come a Buddhist believer can accept people more than a Christian living in a so-called Christian nation?

Phii Aom and Koi: God's favorites
                                                                                Seller's and buyer's at the market:
         My Thai teacher: God's favorite                                                       God's favorites

Corinne, Greg, and the boys: God's favorites

The kid's and teacher's at the boy's school: God's favorites

         The lady selling peanuts: God's favorite

The lady who made our food that day: God's favorite

Kid's who's parents are in jail or unable to care for them: God's favorites

One hundred campers learning Christian songs: each one is God's favorite

A little one learning about Jesus in Sunday School: God's favorite

Hill tribe people selling their wares: God's favorites

A farmer who works hard to make end's meet: God's favorite
The ice cream man: God's favorite

The coffee lady who has a Buddhist money tree in front of her stand: God's favorite

Thai traditional dancers: God's favorites (gay or not)

 A Buddhist monk smoking at a waterfall: God's favorite

Northern Thai people watching a Christian film in their heart language: 
they are all God's favorites! 

    So, pardon me for the outburst. I just hope that you think and consider those around you. Everyone is God's favorite and God is desperate to love on his children! Thank you for the prayers for this past weekend. People heard the gospel and missionaries were encouraged! God bless you- my readers! You are God's favorite too!

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