Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Lesson of Thai... check!

First day of Thai lessons a success! But lots of studying to do- it sounds so funny sometimes! My teacher is great! You can be praying that I will be a good example of Christ to her and that she may experience His light someday too! I bought lunch on my own yesterday from the market! Meeting a lot of new people and will be posting pictures soon of Good News Clubs and the awesome Sunday service I went to! God is gracious to me even when I'm complaining to Him. The hardest thing I'm dealing with now is the lack of community- to talk and laugh and go shopping together just to enjoy each other's company. Crocheted a washcloth and a headband. Pretty soon I may buy a cross-stitch kit! Thanks for your prayers- sorry I haven't posted recently- it's been kinda hard to process stuff lately.    Love you all!


  1. Reading Gen 15 this morning and thinking and praying for you as you tuck in. vs 15:1 is the first of God's many "fear not's" to us!

    God comes to Abram after his win of a battle and says, "do not be afraid, Abram, I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward".

    Abram's fears were quieted by 3 revelations from God......
    vs 1 What God is...
    Vs 2 - 7 What God says....
    vs 8 - 21 What God does....

    Check them out ........ :) :)

    Sawatdii dton chaw no kha, noong ja

  2. whoops... sawatdii dton chaw na kha, nong ja