Friday, September 23, 2011

Good New's Club/ Khanat Khaaw Dii

        Every Thursday we do a Good New's Club at this one place. It's at a refuge home for children who's parents are in jail for a long time and have no one to care for them. There is a house for the boys and a house for the girls.

Here we are singing songs! Phii Aam plays the guitar and the words are hand written out on fabric. 

They clap and do crazy motions with the songs- our's look quite boring in comparison!

This past week they sang "Be Bold, Be Strong" in Thai. I didn't recognize it until Corinne told me what it was! The Thai words are so much longer that they don't have the echo with it and the tune has to change!

Then we play games!

If a game makes them look silly, the better! They love to laugh at themselves!
The first week I was there, we played the game where you have to run and spin with your forehead on the top of a bat! The losers get powder on their faces!

                                                                           They love it and everyone ended up getting power on their face! Above, they are playing a game where they all have to hold on to each other and jump forward, backwards, right, or left when told! It was so funny!

Then we settle down for the story. Here is Corinne holding the youngest boy on her lap.

They go over their memory verse. This one was Prov. 3:5

Then they listen to the story. Koi taught the first week and Phii Aam taught the second week.
They've been learning about Moses and his journey to the promised land!
This week a puppet helped to tell the story!

Please pray for these children. All but two of them are Buddhist and this may be the first time some of them have ever heard about a God who created them and loves them. Pray that not only will they understand and believe, but that they can remember and grow in their Christianity in their adulthood and be able to share with Thai people about the love of Christ!


  1. Precious, precious, precious! What an opportunity for these precious little ones to hear the truth of the gospel at such a young age.....may the truth of the WORD that they memorize and hear draw them into relationship with You, Father!

    Luke 1:37 For with God, nothing will be impossible.

  2. Tears right now Emily, of joy! Seeing these dear children and knowing that you are getting to do what you have desired of the Lord to do for so many years, since you were their age, and now here you are in the middle of learning from others who are there with you. I thank God for you and love and miss you, mom

  3. Is Koi in any of these pictures?

  4. Yes, Koi is in almost all of them. She's wearing a green shirt and jeans. She's telling the story in the second to last picture!

  5. It is wonderful to see pictures!! We are praying for you. I am so glad that you have the opportunity to be there!