Saturday, September 10, 2011

Greetings from Chiang Rai! First of all, I need to correct a mistake I made- I took a bus to Chiang Rai, not a train. I was a lot jet-lagged in my last post and apologize for any mistakes made. Getting on the bus, the trip, and  getting off all went really well. Thank you Lord! I loved watching the countryside- beautiful mountains, rice fields with water buffalo, palms and banana trees everywhere. It was a good trip! Upon getting to Chiang Rai, Greg and the boys took me to Big C, which is like their Super Wal-Mart for lunch (had Pa Thai) and then Corrine joined us to go to the fresh market- very cool! There are vender's everywhere much like our fair or fall foliage selling different stuff. One vender had turtles, birds, fish, and eils for sale. They told me that it was for merit- the people would buy them and set them free. (yet at the same time, someone put them in cages to do that!) I promise to be a little more detailed in the following posts, I'm just still struggling with jet-lag and it's been  hard to stay focused. I'm at the Hortman's house now- we had house church and plan to take it easy today by going to a dam this afternoon. I'm trying to stay calm over the lack of control and to have confidence to do things when I don't know the language. It seems like anything I learned beforehand has escaped every part of my brain! I'm so thankful to be here, though! I'm learning so much already- about my personality and faith. I can't wait to get into the swing of things and adjust! Thanks for the prayers!  


  1. Having a hard time posting... my last ones didn't post.

  2. Yeah! I just realized that my comment from Chiengmai did not post.

    Love love love hearing all the details, Emily. I can just picture you. Do you wake up to chickens cookadoole dooing? I always love that about Asia... even in the middle of a city!

    You are exactly right on... just will be able to begin to communicate soon! You're immersed in it!

    Tell us a little about the Hortmans...where they live, what the house is like, a little about their kids. Have you met your roommate yet?

    Praying for you as I go to bed and you get up :) May you have a God - centered day!

  3. Are you taking your garlic? I just took mine!

  4. Glad that you arrived safe and sound. Your comments concerning the water buffalo, rice, & fresh markets, brought back memories from my days in Southeast Asia. I'll never forget the poverty I witnessed, or the smell of the fish market. I know that you will fall in love with the people. Pastor Floyd

  5. OK so I think the Lord had you say train just so I wouldn't worry all night! I read your posts to Amy and she sure smiled about seeing the water buffalo! Are you going to bring her back one? HaHa, you know everybody has one! Love and miss you, mom